Merch is an online retailer dedicated to the ‘work hard and play hard’ people of the world, by redefining basics to cater to the ever-changing needs of today’s busy lifestyles. With an unwavering commitment to quality and style, Merch designs wearable everyday pieces with subtle modern twists that are sure to take you from morning to night confidently and comfortably.

Our Story

At Merch, we are strong believers that every closet must have a complete collection of basics. Not only are basics essential for every wardrobe, but they truly stand the test of time. Despite this, basics are often overlooked and undervalued. For these reasons, we set our sights on redefining basics to deliver quality without compromising style.At Merch, we put basics in the spotlight, and add a little twist to it.

Our collections are designed with modern day needs in mind.

Our ethos is that there is elegance in simplicity.

Our promise is uncompromised quality and style.


Merch is working towards taking over the 80% of every closet, to become the trusted go-to forany event, day or night. We’ve set ourselves high goals, and we firmly believe that the quality, durabilityand timelessness of our collections will take us there.